iPhone 8 Plus Smart Sculpture

Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning2019Bronze, ca 30x30x30cm



About the artist:

Andrian Mechernich is interested in digital media and its effects on our lives.

The smartphone and related apps play an important role as symbols in his art: iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype as communication media, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as stages for a new generation,

Emoticons as masks of a virtualized society,

Buttons, search bars as symbols and fingerprints as identities in a globalized world.

Digital media have the potential to change our society sustainably. Not only communication, but also people’s perception of the world as a whole is changing.

About art:

Molded from a real iPhone 8 Plus.

The difficulty is to “float” the iPhone’s massive bronze body.

Are we at a point where technology stands out on its own?
Are we still using the device or are the device using us?

About buying:

A personalized certificate of authenticity is issued for the sculpture.